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Talks Series #12|Sakulthip from NISE Corp

Updated: Mar 4

About the Talk

The guest for this session is Sakulthip Kiratiphantawong who is the co-founder of NISE Corp. & Secretary General Social Value Thailand. NISE is a member of 'Power to Change' and strives to drive high social value organizations towards SDGs.

She shared how she started NISE and how she hopes to use her "Power to Change" to help others work towards a more sustainable future!


Power to Change is an international social enterprise that utilizes the minus-plus model to address a waste issue while, in a circular model, also addressing a poverty issue. Now, Power to Change began in Taiwan and has now spread to Japan, Thailand, and Paraguay.

If you are in one of the following countries, you can help support our mission by signing our petition to let banks know that you support moving away from paper bills to e-bills. With the money saved, we can help those families affected by energy poverty.


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