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Talks Series #20|Green Educators Workgroup (GREW)

Updated: Mar 4

About the Talk

GREW (Green Educators' Workgroup Penang) is a non-governmental organisation that a group of passionate green educators from different schools, universities and educational institutions established.

The primary reason that this workgroup was formed was because they found out that there a need to form a team among green educators to support, exchange ideas and motivate each other in the journey as educators in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Moreover, this workgroup also aims to move the Eco-Schools Programme in Penang and other related ESD activities such as recycling, beach clean up, sharing sessions, workshops and so on. In the process, they work closely with all the Eco-Schools in Penang, providing guidance, ideas, and workshops to ensure all Eco-Schools are able to run this programme impactfully. This linkage among schools also provides opportunities for schools to run state, national and international level programmes that will benefit the students and empower them.

GREW also plays the role of linking with different agencies from locally and abroad to organise workshops, courses and field trips that will enhance teachers' knowledge and understanding of ESD to implement in schools. GREW also works closely with the state and federal government to ensure government environmentally friendly initiatives can be implemented in schools.

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