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Connect Real Voices And Faces to the People You Impact.

Turn your sustainability strategy into tangible impact.

We are reimagining how companies approach their sustainability strategy

without having to invest additional resources into their ESG programs.

Trusted by industry leaders to drive sustainable change:

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Thinking about sustainability is a hard conversation.

Corporations Are Facing A Growing Challenge:

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Pressure to Perform on Your ESG Initiatives

From Investors, Governments, and Society

Limited Experience

Mobilizing your customers with social and environmental actions.

Limited Budget

For ESG transformation

Solutions For Corporate Sustainability Roles

Power to Change is for You If:

You’re Eager to Make a Change But Are Unsure of the First Step

Dive into the world of ESG with our expert guidance. With Power to Change, no starting line is too small or uncertain.

You Have Ideas but Lack the Resources

Let's amplify your vision. We provide the tools, network, and expertise to bring your sustainable initiatives to life.

You’re Taking Action but Not Getting the Impact You Want

Revitalize your strategy with us. At Power to Change, we help you measure, enhance, and celebrate your true influence in the fight for climate justice.

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Want More Out of Your ESG Strategy?
We Can Help.

Change the way your company approaches sustainability - for good.

About Power to Change

We Are A Global Initiative to Help Give You A Direct Connection to the People You Impact.

Only saying you are more sustainable is no longer good enough. Your customers, stakeholders, and the world demands better.

We are hopeful, passionate, pragmatic, and curious.

But we are NOT naive.

We know that climate and social injustice is a massive problem, one that can only be solved by working together with global changemakers.

Power to Change is about giving voices and faces to the people your company positively impacts - so that we can be a collective force for good in the world.

Sectors We Work With

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Featured Partner

How Taishin Bank Is Giving Hope To The Taiwan Community

The Power to Change Movement Team helped amplify Taishin Bank's digital transformation effort to convert their customers to paperless billing. On top of existing efforts, we were able to help an additional 1.2M customers convert to paperless and impact Taishin’s ESG Report metrics significantly.

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Underprivileged families served

Piggybank icon

$4M USD/year

Operational Costs Saved

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1.2 Million+

Customers Engaged

... And growing daily.

What Can We Do As Partners?

Amplify Your Current ESG Efforts

Doing good for the planet and its people is a shared mission. But together, we can take your sustainability goals to new heights. Here's how:

Simplify and Improve Your ESG Reporting

Create Trickledown Impacts, Together

Deepen Your Stakeholder Connections

What Impact Can We Create Together?

Over 1.5 Million People Participating

You don't need to sacrifice a great deal to become a more sustainable business. Some of the impact we've already created includes:


Tonnes of carbon emissions cumulatively reduced by our partner companies

11,500 trees

42M w

Watts of electricity cumulatively reduced for our partner companies


Technician replace LED lights

Total trees planted for the Earth by our team

Underprivileged households served

Join Our Award Winning Initiative

Find out how your company can benefit by working with Power to Change by booking a call with our team.

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Together, Let's Make Earth Happy!

About DOMI Earth

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We are DOMI Earth, a social enterprise that helps businesses and families take climate action through energy conservation and carbon reduction. We aim to help others create positive environmental changes by effectively using technology and simplifying business models.

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