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Talks Series #21|Eleanor Chiu from Friendly Seed

Updated: Mar 4

About the Talk

Friendly Seed are the sowers who plant environmentally friendly seeds in the hearts of people. "Everyone has a seed of caring for the environment. We believe that everyone can make changes, put them into action, and become environmental education activists.

Have you noticed that...the blue sky is getting smoky?

Have you noticed water slowly adds to the paint?

Do you find that...people are treating nature in a wayward way?

Our harm to the environment often comes from indifference and insensitivity. Therefore, in the face of today's environmental problems, we must ultimately return to communication with "people" to find the best solutions.

We believe that education is a gentle and deep-rooted force that touches hearts, communicates, transforms values ​​and encourages the practice of environmental action.

Environmental education allows more people to see the beauty and sadness of the environment, feel more empathy for the environmental crisis, and are more willing to jointly make commitments to the land and change the current situation.

We look forward to creating happiness for people and a beautiful environment with environmental education." Friendly Seed regularly hosts activities in Kaohsiung for people (including children) to increase their environmental knowledge.

They also work in partnership with GEEP APRC to host annual Environmental Education 2-day workshops (in English) for Taiwanese and international university students. Stay tuned for 2023's workshop via the GEEP APRC website.


Power to Change is an international social enterprise that utitlizes the minus-plus model to address a waste issue while, in a circular model, also addressing a poverty issue. Now, Power to Change began in Taiwan and has now spread to Japan, Thailand, and Paraguay.

If you are in one of the following countries, you can help support our mission by signing our petition to let banks know that you support moving away from paper bills to e-bills. With the money saved, we can help those families affected by energy poverty.


Together, Let's Make Earth Happy!

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