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Shining a light on poverty inside Taiwan's flagship IKEA store.

Company: IKEA

Industry: Retail

The Challenge

Many families worldwide suffer from Energy Poverty - a lack of adequate, affordable, reliable, quality, safe and environmentally sound energy services to support development.

IKEA Taiwan was looking for new and distinct ways to draw attention and engagement to this issue, and their sustainability efforts, including collaborating with external organizations (SDG Goal 17).

Other corporate partners in Taiwan were also looking for visibility in their own environmental campaigns, in particular the push to adopt digital only statements by banking and utility providers.

Our Approach

To draw attention to Taiwan's population living in energy poverty, we helped create the 20㎡ 'Dark Experience Room':

  • IKEA rebuilt a scale model of a poverty household, including the original electrical panel from one family's homes.

  • Together with IKEA team, we organized a 17-day campaign at one of the IKEA branches in Taiwan to raise awareness for energy poverty, and to rally store customers to participate in Power to Change.

  • Customers agreed to adopt digital-only statements for multiple participating companies, and IKEA supported the campaign by donating an ice cream or order of meatballs to every participant.

Our Impact

  • 8,000 people signed the petition during the campaign

  • IKEA donated 2,000 light bulbs to DOMI Earth to install them at poverty households

Together, Let's Make Earth Happy!

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