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Power to Change

Energy Prosperity

Energy Prosperity is a win-win project. Let us reduce carbon emission, protect trees and brighten up homes together.

Power to Change campaign is an innovative model. Digitization of bank statements connect you, the bank and the energy-poverty households. You can make our planet more sustainable by joining Energy Prosperity project; at the same time, the banks that cooperate with us will save money by digitizing statements, with the professional services provided by Power to Change, we can light up many poor homes in need by replacing light bulbs and saving electricity.

# When an energy expenditure exceeds 10% of income, it can be defined as an energy poverty household.

When you digitize your bank statements with Power to Change, it can...


Digitize bills

saves 100-120pcs
paper annually

Make the Earth more sustainable

Reduce paper consumption and carbon emissions, protect trees that can sequester carbon, improve our air quality, slow down global warming, contribute to international environmental issues, and make our country a home that you and I are proud of.


Our partners

allocate part of

the savings

Make better use of bank resources

Banks that participate in the Energy Prosperity Project will donate part of the money saved by e-billing, and invest in the energy saving interventions for millions of energy poverty households with the help of Power to Change team.


Power to Change

lighten up energy

poverty homes

Help energy poverty families together

Power to Change team will replace the LED lights for the families. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, it can also get more sufficient lighting with less expenditure, reducing the financial burden of the family, and at the same time allowing the children to grow up brightly and bringing hope to the family.

We can do so much more with your contribution

Power to Change can provide the following help...

​Change LED lights

Check lighting equipment for them and replace the old, fluorescent lighting into LED energy-saving ones.

Improve cost of living

Conduct house visits to listen to their actual needs, provide assistance to help improving their lives.

Energy Education

Provide energy-saving education, so they know how to save electricity and money.

We have been working for 5 years, more than 1 million people have joined the movement to create such impacts

We have witnessed the impactful changes for the past 5 years. So during our 6th year, we widely promote Power to Change Energy Prosperity Project to invite more banks and you to join us.

- Paper: 3,717,000pcs
- Annual carbon emissions equivalent to 270,000 trees
- Paper statements production
- Carbon emissions from mailing
- Energy: 1,969,000 kWh
​- Electricity bill: NTD 20,631,000
+ 1,070,000 e-billing users
+ More trees
+ Environmental education
+ Helped 4,049 families
+ Improve their life quality

Millions of paper bank statements are yet to be digitized and millions of energy poverty families are yet to be brightened up

Because it can be better, because there are still many families in needs, so we need you, relatives and friends around you to support the Power to Change campaign together. Now, let’s click the button below to fill out the petition, which means that you have signed up to support this cause. It can greatly help us promote to more banks and even other sectors that issue many paper bills to join Power to Change.

The goal of Energy Prosperity Project is to digitize more than 100 million bills in all industries in Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and Paraguay by 2030, and to assist energy poverty households for better lifestyle. Financial sector shall take the first step, we also need your support to join the petition. Let us call on all industries to join together!

We will try our best to cooperate with different entity. Once the cooperation is successful, Power to Change will assist you to digitize your bills in the entity and spread your influence for environment and social benefit. Now, the following three banks have first cooperated with Power to Change to spread their influence. After the petition is completed, you will be able to go directly to the webpages of the three banks to digitize the bill immediately.

We believe that changes start from everyone doing tiny action. We also believe that every small action brings huge impact.

You Matter

If I digitize 5 statements and share with 20 people,
my individual impact is:

Paper saved



Trees saved



Annual carbon reduction



Families helped



Electricity fee saved/year



Energy saved/year


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