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Taishin International Bank

How Taishin Bank saves $4M USD a year while driving environmental and social change.

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Company: Taishin International Bank

Industry: Banking & Finance

The Challenge

In Taiwan, there is a group of lost families who cannot afford three-digit rent. In order to save electricity bills, the children have to do their homework under dim lights. They never thought that someone would be willing to bring them a light. The light of hope.


At the same time, Taishin Bank faced difficulty in increasing the digitalization rate of monthly statements as consumers were reluctant to switch from paper to digital. This also had downstream impacts such as increased material and logistics costs.


Taiwan consumers were resistant to digital conversion, and what downstream impact it could have on the world around them.

Our Approach

We approached a joint campaign effort to connect a social issue (energy poverty) to Taishin's campaign to help educate their customers on the individual impact they may have. This included:

  • Collaborating with other corporate partners to increase visibility of the campaign

  • Collaborating with NGOs and student groups to rally a volunteer effort

  • Developing internal and external communications on behalf of Taishin

  • Helping manage and improve campaign performance over time

  • Establishing an annual ESG report on behalf of Taishin

Our Impact

Through a joint effort, Taishin realized the following impacts:

  • $4M USD in annual operational costs saved

  • 1.35 million people digitized their monthly paper statements (as of 2022)

  • Assisted 510 families since 2018 and growing

"Thank you, auntie! The house has become so bright"

- Impact statement from a family affected by the Power to Change program

Together, Let's Make Earth Happy!

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