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"Thank you, auntie! The house has become so bright~" When I heard her heartfelt thanks, I had mixed feelings in my heart, and I felt like I could light up hope for these lovely children.
Studying happily under ample lighting is a very meaningful thing.

Taishin invites you to reach out and become a strong support for
energy poverty households.
Help them build a better learning environment

Childhood background can deeply affects a person...

In Taiwan, there is a group of lost families who cannot afford expensive rent. In order to save on electricity bills, the children have to do their homework under dim lights. They never thought that someone would be willing to bring them a light. The light of hope.

Thank you to the over one million cardholders in Taishin Bank for their enthusiastic response in the past three years.

By converting to e-bills, let the resources join hands with Taiwan's first B-corporation DOMI to reach 350 low-income families in New Taipei City and Taoyuan City with elderly people living alone, single mothers, widows with preschool children. Our hands have served these 1,500 people who are working hard to fight for living space and survival opportunities in a dark environment. We have also directly lit up and warmed these hot hearts, allowing them to regain the courage to trust.

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One small gesture can immediately help underprivileged children switch to bright lighting and light up their hope for the future.


Save more than half of lighting electricity bills and use them for other daily purposes


Find out their actual needs and provide relevant assistance to improve their lives


It guides households to simply save energy and money, and also gives the next generation a chance to make a difference

Call out to all Taishin bank customers

Switch to e-bill now
Help underprivileged children with bright LED lightings


Helping them would not be possible without you!

Small actions can have big impact. One action of yours may change the future of these children.

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