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We are the Power to Change Movement Team

Our Vision

Numerous environmental and social issues in our society triggered our motivation to make the world better. So, we volunteer as Power to Change Movement Team, hoping to be the motivator and changer to show the society that we care and act. We hope to gather more people in the process so that we can be the changer in our home, among our friends and in the society. We are here to help solving environmental and social problem while creating more possibilities for the change.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for our online and physical events!

Past Events

Thank you for your supports!

Who are we?

Movement team youth ambassador

We are mainly students from different countries studying in Taiwan, Japan and Thailand universities. We have members from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Paraguay, India, Belize, Indonesia etc. We work hard to promote environmental and social issues in Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. Through social learning participation, we can have experience to solve local problems when we return to our home country.

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