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Talks Series #9|Maria and Doris from UpRoot

Updated: Mar 4

About the Talk

UpRoot is a company that is on a mission to end single-use plastics with the use of its own biodegradable single-use products. UpRoot began in Taiwan. They were winners of the 2021 Global Hult Prize and were also UN Global Finalists for the 2021 Hult Prize.

Their products are made from Cassava starch and currently, they can reach up to 51% bio-based content. Very Different from PLA or CPLA, their products are capable of heat resistance and is hydrophobic. The decomposition process was excellently completed within six months under the natural environment with non-toxicity substances contained.

Therefore, their Biodegradable straws, cutlery, and cup lids, can be widely used in restaurants, digital brands, take-outs, and coffee and beverage shops. How is it made? UpRoot’s biodegradable products are made mainly of world patent technology. With materials certified by Din-Certco, TUV Austria OK Biobased bio-based certificate. With all the certifications and the promising future of their material.

A new ecological cycle can start in an eco-friendly way when using their material. They are not just working on a plastic-free future, but also on REPURPOSING a root vegetable that will normally go wasted, giving the cassava a new value in the process.

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Power to Change is an international social enterprise that utilizes the minus-plus model to address a waste issue while, in a circular model, also addressing a poverty issue. Now, Power to Change began in Taiwan and has now spread to Japan, Thailand, and Paraguay.

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