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Talks Series #7|Luvian from Global Ecovillage Network Region of Oceania & Asia

Updated: Mar 4

About the Talk

Luvian Iskandar is from Indonesia, but he spent the past 7.5 years living in Taiwan. For his Master’s program at National Dong Hwa University, he focused his studies on ecovillages. As a part of his research, he got a chance to immerse himself deeply through being involved in the daily activities at a new ecovillage initiative in Fuli, Hualien.

After he completed his master's program, he decided to live as a resident in that ecovillage community for another year. During this time, he also started working with the Global Ecovillage Network of Oceania and Asia (GENOA) as their communications coordinator. Through these experiences, he learned and grew so much in various dimensions: academically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this talk, Luvian told his story of how he found out about ecovillages, their significance, and how he has been gradually integrating principles and practices of regenerative living that he learned from ecovillage communities into his life. He is using what he learned to have the “power to change”.


Power to Change is an international social enterprise that utilizes the minus-plus model to address a waste issue while, in a circular model, also addressing a poverty issue. Now, Power to Change began in Taiwan and has now spread to Japan, Thailand, and Paraguay.

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